Fratelli Borgioli, a technical hub of shoe design

For several years, Fratelli Borgioli has been hosting numerous trainees who recognize the value of training and want to learn how to make shoes “in a traditional way”.

The training institutes themselves know how crucial the practical experience in a shoe factor is for tecnical education, where numerous processing steps are carried out to create the finished product.

In fact, Fratelli Borgioli artisans hold an invaluable heritage of information and practical knowledge to be handed down to the new generations with the aim to maintain the high quality level of an artisan shoe produced in Tuscany.

The training of trainees and students represents an opportunity for Fratelli Borgioli: on one hand, the shoe factory can continue to pass on its experience and artisan tradition to the new generations, thus preserving the cultural and technical heritage of shoe production in Tuscany. On the other hand, the company can benefit from the energy and creativity of trainees, who bring new ideas and perspectives to the working environment.

The trainees are welcomed into the shoe factory and are guided step by step through the shoe production process. They may closely observe each stage or specialize themselves in some specific processes. Through this practical experience, the students acquire valuable skills and in-depth knowledge of craft techniques.

It is our pleasure to share some experiences of our students who are also our precious helpers.

In May we have hosted Gianluca who attends the Arturo Checchi Institute of Higher Education in Fucecchio with a technological focus in Footwear Fashion System.

He chose this field of study since “he was literally born in the middle of the shoes”. His mother and grandfather carried out some work on behalf of suppliers for various shoe factories in the area and took care of glueing the sole and coloring the heels.

After having visited our laboratory with his classmates, he asked to carry out the internship with us as a part of the “Alternating School and Work” project.

As soon as he started his internship, Gianluca discovered his new passion: quality leather. He is fascinated by the manual cutting of leather, he likes to touch the leather and see how it lends itself to various types of processing. Furthermore, he loves to observe the assembly process, when the leather upper is assembled on the last that gives the shape to the shoe.

He collaborated with Fabiola, our pattern maker, observing the pattern creation process and helping to digitize the paper pattern to obtain its digital version.

Furthermore, he observed the work of the artisans who cut the leather to understand the process that starts from the cutting and ends up with the assembly of the upper on the last. This process is important to understand how to put the attention from the beginning to the end, in a shoe production process.

Wies is Dutch and attends the Hout-en Meubileringscollege in Amsterdam, a technical high school specialized in footwear. Initially Wies didn’t know which direction to choose but considered her inclination to manual work she finally chose shoe segment.

Wies was playing with the idea to do the internship abroad when one day she saw online a shoe that really impressed her. It was Fratelli Borgioli shoe, so she asked to be able to spend some months in our company.

Wies stayed with us for two months: initially she didn’t speak a word in Italian but slowly she learned some technical terms that allowed her to make herself understood with the craftsmen.

Wies likes product development, but she enjoys the whole process that accompanies the creation of the shoe, from the design to its execution. Wies’ goal is to see all the production phases and relate with professionals in the footwear sector, to understand what technical qualities and above all what soft skills she should develop to work in this area.

Wies has great dexterity that allows her to be successful in the manual coloring and finishing of the product.

During her internship Wies worked closely with Felice, one of our artisans specialized in the manual coloring of shoes, with our model maker Fabiola who taught her the digitization of models and with Soriano Borgioli who taught her how to carry out the quality control of the upper, a very important stage to ensure that the product passes all the production steps without defects.

Apart internship, the company also boasts two apprendices : Marco graduated from the pattern making course at the Shoe Modeling School in Monsummano and now works for us in the technical and development office; Bianca finished her studies at the MITA Academy in Florence with a technical focus on footwear and leather goods. Bianca did the internship during her studies and was then hired by us again in the same R&D office.

The collaboration with trainees is a consolidated practice in Fratelli Borgioli over the years, thanks to which the company has had the opportunity to share its experience with young enthusiasts in the footwear sector. These young people, in their turn, had the opportunity to learn from true master craftsmen, who know all the secrets and techniques needed to create high quality shoes.

The commitment of Fratelli Borgioli in the training of apprendices and students reflects its dedication to the enhancement of artisan traditions and the promotion of quality in the footwear sector.

Thanks to this continuous collaboration with young people, the company ensures that the know-how and craftsmanship excellence of Fratelli Borgioli are handed down to future generations, guaranteeing the continuity of the production of high quality handmade in Tuscany shoes.

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