The various models are the product of craftsmanship: in addition to the classics of Tuscan shoemaking, we produce our own exclusive creations in shoes of superior performance.

The leathers are sourced from trusted local producers who are masters of their art. And that is how the iconic burgundy-coloured leather soles of the Fratelli Borgioli Eterna models are made.

This complex and fascinating method produces a robust and highly waterproof shoe. The process is completed with triple stitching.

The first stitching binds the upper to the insole, the second joins the upper, turned inside out, to the middle sole, and the final sole is then sewn to this to create a single assembly.

This is the most robust and laborious technique, a wholly manual process for producing shoes of the highest quality. This was the classic technique for making a sturdy, durable product. The Fratelli Borgioli technical department has modernised traditional Goodyear construction in modern, light, and flexible shoes.

The outsole is stitched directly to the insole to give greater flexibility and a lighter shoe. Fratelli Borgioli uses the increne tool with the Blake technique, the stitching then being covered by the edges of the leather sole.

This technique requires at least 10 more manual steps, but offers major advantages: the outsole, sealed externally, is constructed individually for each shoe, resulting in greater flexibility and a more comfortable fit.

Used to make durable shoes with a soft and comfortable fit, especially winter models. Blake-Rapid construction produces a virtually indestructible shoe.

The midsole is stitched to the upper with the Blake technique, and the outsole is then joined to the midsole with Blake-Rapid stitching. This construction technique produces strong, waterproof shoes that are particularly suitable for winter wear.

This process requires an insole made of fine thin leather to give the shoe exceptional flexibility and comfort. It can be used for various types of footwear.