Fratelli Borgioli shoes come from Tuscany, a land of genius, where people have been combining technology and manual skills for centuries to express beauty.

Each shoe offers more than simple luxury – it offers the luxury of wearing a genuine masterpiece of craftsmanship: an object created by the shared knowledge of Fratelli Borgioli designers and the local partners who have always provided the raw material.

True genius is not a sudden spark, it is the dazzling knowledge that draws on and expands an ancient heritage. There is no other way to create objects that best describe the present.


Skill is a family matter

Fratelli Borgioli has a seventy-year history of producing “Made in Italy” men’s luxury footwear.

Our company began life in 1946 as an artisan workshop in La Stella di Vinci, a small town in the heart of the Florentine countryside, where creativity and knowledge have been creating great masterpieces since time immemorial.

The styling and formal perfection of our shoes help to keep alive the world’s passion for a taste of Italy, thanks to a network of selected retailers who share our belief in beauty and quality.