The shoes that made the history of fashion

Are there any timeless shoe styles that never go out of fashion? Especially the styles that made the history of fashion?

The answer is absolutely yes.

Made in Italy shoes are recognized and loved all over the world for their classic, elegant and timeless style.

For this reason many brands from year to year include classic models, which never go out of style, in their collections. From moccasins to lace-up shoes, these models are loved and chosen by many people who want to give a refined touch to their outfits.

What are the shoes which have now become “classic”?

Gommino Moccasin by Tod’s

If we talk about Tod’s we immediately think of one shoe in particular. The shoe that has become an icon over the years: Gommino Moccasin.

This shoe is the result of Diego Della Valle’s insight who in the 70s, inspired by a pilot moccasin seen in an antiques store in Manhattan, created a casual and chic shoe at the same time.

A very light, flat and ultra-soft moccasin, entirely hand-stitched and characterized by 133 rubber studs on the sole, came to life.

Gommino Moccasin was a real success as it suited both formal looks and casual styles, and it soon became the favorite shoe of celebrities and movie stars.

Today the Gommino collection is still loved and demanded by shoe addicts; it is available in different customized versions, finishes and colors.

Double buckle by Santoni

Santoni double buckle shoe is one of those essential models that cannot be missing in a man’s wardrobe. Over the years it has become the distinguishing style for this brand in the world. The double buckle makes the look elegant and versatile at the same time, with a sophisticated touch.

Today Santoni, a brand born in the seventies with Andrea Santoni, presents the double buckle style in numerous variations of materials and colors, offering a modern but always contemporary interpretation.

Brera Moccasin by Fratelli Rossetti

It was the Sixties when Renzo Rossetti added the famous “bows” to the mocassin creating a new style. To introduce this decorative element, in a period when essentiality reigned supreme, represented almost a revolutionary act in the panorama of Italian fashion.

The innovative character of this style prompted its inventor to opt for Brera, naming it after the historic Milanese district that gave birth to artistic movements and new trends.

Initially it was a men’s model, then in the early 70s declined in a female version. Today Brera moccasin is still available and it is periodically presented in limited editions, such as the one that celebrated the 50th anniversary of this historic shoe.

“Alessandro” shoe by Berluti 

This style is a true icon of the brand belonging to the LVMH group. This lace-up has an ancient history that dates back to 1895 when the founder of the maison, Alessandro Berluti, created the shoe, starting from a single piece of leather, without even a seam.

The “Alessandro” shoe was presented at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1900 and immediately conquered the most exclusive clientele, becoming an icon of style. The absence of seams makes the shoe unique of its kind, perfect for those looking for an elegant, refined and essential style.


Bontoni shoes are the result of centuries-old tradition, which combines passion and artisan skills to work with raw materials of the highest quality.

Bontoni shoes are also distinguished by the type of stitching: the Norwegian one.

Three stitchings complete this complex process: the first seam links the upper to the insole, the second joins the upper, after being turned outwards, to the middle sole. The final sole is finally sewn to this, thus creating a single body.

This method makes the shoe robust and above all waterproof.

Fratelli Borgioli shoe factory also produces classic and timeless models every year, trying to interpret tradition with elegance and innovation.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes are the outcome of a family tradition that began more than seventy years ago in an artisan workshop in the heart of the Florentine countryside, in La Stella di Vinci.

Every Borgioli shoes by Fratelli Borgioli is a true artisan masterpiece, made in a  impeccable and comfortable way. The tradition of Tuscan craftsmenship and technological innovation merge together to give life to a shoe that will accompany his owner for the lifetime.

With the style and formal perfection of its products, Fratelli Borgioli keeps the passion for Italian taste alive throughout the world, thanks to a network of selected retailers who believe in beauty and quality.

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