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The Best Fashion Podcasts To Listen To

Discover the best fashion podcasts to keep up with the latest news in the industry, but also to learn about its history and evolution through time.

The past year has been difficult for the fashion industry, but the interest in it hasn’t vanished. Here is where podcasts come in: they are keeping the conversation alive and giving people a peek inside the business.

There are plenty of fashion podcast to choose from, from the ones that explore the history of fashion and its influence on society, to those that talk about the latest trends and gossip.

In our selection you will also find some podcasts that focus on male fashion and style that will give you interesting tips on menswear, such as The Buttoned Up Podcast, The Menswear Style Podcast and Style and Direction.

In this article you can find the best fashion podcasts to follow. We divided them into three lists:

Fashion Podcasts List

We have selected the best fashion podcasts for you to listen to at the moment:

Here you can find the list for the top podcasts that talk about fashion and more:

Don’t miss out on the best podcasts about fashion that are no longer active:

The Best Fashion Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Read our selection of the current best podcasts on fashion that you should follow.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

This is the best fashion podcast to listen to if you want to keep up with changes and the news in the industry. While listening to this fashion business podcast, you can learn the opinion of various experts of the industry, like designers, creatives and business people, and stay up to date with the latest news.

It tackles the issues fashion is facing today, like the impact of the pandemic and the influence of technology, but it also tells the story of interesting brands and designers.

This podcast is led by Imran Amed, the founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion. It’s a company that has reached a wide audience and it combines journalism, practical business advice, e-learning resources and career tools.

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Dressed: The History of Fashion

This podcast about fashion explores the history of clothing and accessories, also from a cultural and social point of view. This fashion history podcast is hosted by Cassidy Zachary, a fashion historian and published author, and April Calahan, special sollections sssociate at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.

In each episode the hosts interview an expert and try to explain why we wear certain things and what is their cultural background. They do this while also debunking some miths and showing how fashion has changed through time. For example, they tell the history of something as simple as pockets, but they also talk about how suffragists used to dress and what certain colours meant to them.

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Fashion Victims Podcast

If you wish to keep up with fashion news while also getting some gossip, you should listen to Fashion Victims Podcast. The two hosts are Luke Meagher, the creator of the YouTube channel HauteLeMode, and Darnell Jamal, fashion historian and curator.

The different episodes are a sort of recap of what happened during the previous week in the fashion industry. For example you can get their opinion on 2021 Paris Haute Couture Week, but also on the recent closure of the Fenty brand.

This is the best fashion podcast if you want a refreshing view on the industry with its one hour long episodes. The hosts keep it interesting with their personal opinions and anecdotes.

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Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

For people interested in being eco-friendly, Wardrobe Crisis is the best sustainable fashion podcast to listen to. It talks about sustainability, ethical fashion and making a difference when choosing what to wear and what to buy but also in how we handle a fashion business.

Clare Press, the host and Vogue Australia’s first sustainability editor, puts the focus not only on the issues and the possible negative impacts of fashion, but also on the solutions that fashion industry innovators are finding. You can learn how a company invented a sustainable fibre inspired by nature, as well as discover the story and the unsustainability of denim.

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Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes

Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes is one of the best fashion podcasts to follow. In each episode Suzy Menkes, the editor of Vogue International, interviews the fashion industry’s most influential designers, executives and experts.

For example, you can get behind the scenes of Hermès by listening to its creative director describing her view on making the luxury brand innovative and sustainable. You can also learn how an artist managed to be invited to Paris Haute Couture with his label.

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The Menswear Style Podcast

This podcast on fashion is hosted by Peter Brooker, the lifestyle editor for Menswear Style, an online magazine based in the UK that talks about male fashion, lifestyle and grooming.

In The Menswear Style Podcast the host talks to some of the most innovative brands and entrepreneurs from the fashion world. This fashion podcasts covers different topics, like the latest trends in men’s clothing, sustainable fashion and innovative manufacturing techniques.

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Style and Direction

Style & Direction is a fun, laid back men’s fashion podcast where the two hosts talk candidly about vintage and contemporary menswear, while also discussing the influence of culture and society on the fashion industry.

In each episode the hosts Ethan M. Wong and Spencer Otte talk about a particular menswear topic. For example they talk about their love for the brown checked jacket, which they consider classic but also edgy, but also about the different hats that they own, including the fedora.

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A Different Tweed – Fashion Conversations with Bronwyn Cosgrave

A Different Tweed is a fashion podcast hosted by Bronwyn Cosgrave, a multidisciplinary fashion professional that has written for various fashion magazines and has producesd fashion documentaries.

This podcast about fashion features interviews with designers and stylists to explore the creative process of fashion and luxury, showing the artistic side of the fashion industry. You can listen to a designer talk about the challenge of creating a new collection while working in isolation during the pandemic.

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Corporate Lunch

Corporate Lunch is a podcast created by the editors of GQ Style, the fashion section of the GQ online magazine. This podcast will take you on a journey inside the fashion industry, including trend-forecasting, gossip and the most interesting unknown brand.

Each episode includes various topics related to fashion, business and culture, like the choice between hard and soft clothes, the latest collections and fashion socialism.

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Fashion Is Your Business

Fashion Is Your Business features in-depth interviews with industry leaders and innovators, giving them a platform to share their initiatives and milestones, with a focus on fashiontech, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology.

With this fashion podcast you can keep up with the changes happening in the industry, like the impact of growing relevance of digital shopping and the need for sustainable fashion business.

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The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast

The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast, created by Heidi Sew, is focused on the professional side of fashion, giving insights on fashion jobs, being a fashion freelancer and interesting fashion brands.

The goal of this podcast is to share tips on how to to break into the industry, get promotions and raises, create your won label, and become a successful fashion professional.

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The Cutting Room Floor

Hosted by fashion designer Recho Omondi, The Cutting Room Floor is a podcast that offers a deep dive into the minds of various fashion designers and professionals.

Each episode features an interview with a person that works in fashion, to talk about the current fashion landscape and its development.

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Pop Fashion Podcast

Pop Fashion is a fashion podcast hosted by Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar that covers everything you need to know about the fashion industry, from retail openings and closings, to runway looks, to personal style, to sustainability issues in the fashion industry.

Each episode is a journey through the latest hot topic in fashion, like the launch of a new product by Nike and Bottega Veneta‘s approach to social media.

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The Andrew Coelho Show

The Andrew Coelho Show is a podcast on fashion created to inspire and mentor aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, giving them advice and tips to become successful.

In each episode the host Andrew Coelho, a fashion entrepreneur himself, interviews a special guest, discussing their experience in the fashion industry and how they are changing it.

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The Top Podcasts That Also Cover Fashion

Here you can find our selection of the top podcasts that cover a variety of topics, including fashion.

The Wing Woman

Journalists and best friends Charlie Gowans-Eglinton and Frankie Graddon talk about everything related to the millennials’ life, from imposter syndrome and having a baby during the pandemic to bad dates and the impact of fashion on everyday life.

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The Collector’s House

The Collector’s House is a podcast from the luxury fashion retailer MatchesFashion, hosted by the journalist Danielle Radojcin.

In each episode she interviews an artist, including those in the fashion industry, from all over the world to talk about their story and their success.

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Blamo! is a podcast that explores the creative industry with the dynamic and influentian personalities who shape it, from actors and athletes, to designers and journalists.

The host Jeremy Kirkland talks to a different guest about their personal journey through their career, while also talking about their vision for the future.

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From Tailors With Love

Created by Matt Spaiser, the editor of Bond Suits, and Pete Brooker, the host of Menswear Style Podcast, From Tailors With Love is a podcast that explores the film industry and highlights the costumes and tailoring seen in movies by interviewing costume designers.

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The Best Fashion Podcasts That Are No Longer Active

There are other podcasts about fashion that are no longer active. Here is our pick of the top ones that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Buttoned Up Podcast

The Buttoned Up is a podcast hosted by Brock McGoff, the founder of the fashion blog The Modest Man, which we had the pleasure to interview, and John Shanahan, creator of the menswear review website The Kavalier.

This podcast explores men’s style, fashion and entrepreneurship, through conversations with creators and designers focused on the modern gentleman’s lifestyle.

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Fashion unzipped

Fashion Unzipped is a fashion podcast created by The Telegraph that explores fashion from streetwear to haute couture. For example it talks about the 2010s fashion, exploring past trends and outfits, and about celebrities’ fashion style.

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Fashion no Filter

Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley host this podcast that gives a behind-the-scenes peek into the fashion industry. In Fashion no Filter they explore the relationship between fashion, pop culture and the digital era.

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In VOGUE: The 1990‪s

This podcast on fashion from VOGUE, hosted by one of its editors Hamish Bowels, talks about the 1900s fashion scene, exploring the changes that those years brought to the industry.

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Unravel: A Fashion Podcast

Unravel is a fashion podcast hosted by fashion scholar Jasmine Helm, textile conservator Dana Goodin and fashion history scholar Joy Davis. This podcast aims at showing an inclusive fashion industry, that isn’t only focused on white Western designers.

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Articles of Interest

Created by Avery Trufelman, Articles of Interest is a podcast that covers a broad range of themes including the rise of casual wear and why womenswear doesn’t have pockets. Each episode is foused on a specific fashion topic, like the wedding dress or the use of plaid.

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American Fashion Podcast

Hosted by fashion experts Charles Beckwith and Catherine Schepis, American Fashion Podcast explores the american fashion industry and its current evolution.

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What Were You Thinking Podcast

In What Were You Thinking Podcast designer Henry Holand interviews artists and designers to learn more about their creative process and how they tell a story through fashion.

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Fashion Talks

Fashion Talks is a podcast hosted by fashion journalist Donna Bishop. In each episode she interviews designers, stylists and fashion experts to talk about the influence of fashion on culture and society.

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The Fashion Consumer Podcast

The Fashion Consumer is a podcast that offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the fashion consumer and explores the latest innovations in the fashion industry.

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Fashion Hags

Fashion Hags is a fashion podcast based in Canada created by fashion enthusiasts Evan Ducharme, Katie Garnham and Abby Shumka. It talks about clothes from design, to production, to retail.

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