10 Italian Fashion Photographers To Keep An Eye On

Discover the variety of the styles of our hand-picked list of 10 italian fashion photographers in our latest article.

Everything can be fashionable and everything can be a trend.

Summer garments come out in autumn, and the winter ones come out in summer: fashion is always one step ahead. Between fashion shows, stylists, models and influencers, there is always something that is trendy and that everyone decides to follow.

Fashion is also photography. As Coco Chanel puts it:

“Fashion is not something that exists only in clothes. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, our way of life, what is happening.”

(Coco Chanel)

While stylists choose the models who best represent their style, photographers face the challenging task of making it stand out.

The diversity of the photographers’ approach to this task is well reflected in the works of our hand-picked 10 italian fashion photographers:

Oliviero Toscani

Let’s start with Oliviero Toscani, a photographer who is often criticized and censored for his photos.

He has photographed models for some magazines such as Vogue and Elle but is famous for his provocative style that he expresses through his photos.

By the way, he did an important advertising campaign for the Benedetton brand where he voluntarily photographed some anorexic models to go against too strict beauty standards in the fashion world.

A style then that we can call shockvertising and that still today thanks to his photos is used for some social complaints.

Mario Sorrenti

Mario sorrenti was born in Naples but moved to New York where he soon became famous for his photos.

He has worked for both Vogue USA and Vogue Italia as well as for other important magazines but his fame is due to the photographs taken of Kate Moss.

Sorrenti is an avant-garde photographer, he likes to photograph nude or semi-nude models and tries to enhance their sensuality and sexuality.

His photos are often in black and white or in any case with cold tones that highlight the model. He often photographs street people, models but also ordinary people and in these photos often stands out the background and the street.

Ferdinando Scianna

Scianna was born in Sicily in 1943 and began his career as a very young photographer.

At first he began photographing Sicilian landscapes until, after his meeting with Sciascia, he decided to also decide to take pictures of religious holidays until he moved to Milan where he began working for the European Championship.

When he goes to Paris he makes friends with Henri Bresson and this starts his career as a photographer in fashion. His style is simple and he often photographs in black and white.

The scenarios are simple, with models of which he enhances the sensuality. Scianna also worked in Milan for the fashion house Dolge & Gabbana.

Paolo Roversi

Paolo roversi was born in Ravenna in 1947 and decides to become a photographer after a trip made with his family in Spagna.

Here he became passionate about the world of fashion and decided to open his first studio in 1973 in Ravenna, also forging collaborations with Nevio Natali.

Only after his move to Paris, Roversi begins to photograph for important fashion houses and magazines. Vogue itself considers him one of the most talented photographers and it is not surprising.

His photos are a mixture of close-ups, of simple photos but in which the natural beauty of the model is enhanced together with a mixture of mystery and sensuality.

Roberta Krasnig

Roberta is a talented photographer who often collaborates with famous celebrities and models as she travels between Rome, the city where she was born, Milan and Paris.

Her goal is to make the model feel at ease, breaking down her shyness and managing to enhance her often hidden confidence. She has a modern style, her photos are all very colorful, a mix of close-ups and original poses.

She also photographs models in groups and not the single person, such as some photos set in a dance school where he alternates colors and particular poses.

Lucia Giaciani

Lucia Giaciani was born in the province of Ancona in 1976 where she attended a design school and became passionate about black and white photo photography, until she moved to Milan to become a fashion photographer.

She works for important fashion magazines like Vogue but it is her style that makes her a great photographer: original, eccentric photos, models with strange hairstyles, with colorful dresses that enhance even more particular and equally colorful scenarios.

Some of these are simple but in some photos Lucia uses backgrounds such as chessboards, carriages and horses and enchanted forests. Photos that are worth seeing.

Mauro Del Signore

Based in Milan (Italy), Mauro Del Signore is an emerging street fashion photographer who has worked with many celebrities from the world of fashion and entertainment.

You might meet him on the streets of Milan walking in his sneakers, his camera and a very casual and comfortable style.

We like his style which always conveys something real, highlighting the personality and beauty of the person.

Gian Paolo Barbieri

Born in Milan, he first began working as an actor and costume designer and then, after moving to Rome, he became a photographer, also collaborating for Harper’s Bazar.

After opening her studio in Milan she works for fashion magazines such as Condè Nast and for international magazines such as Vogue America even if her photos are exhibited almost all over the world as in the MAMM in Moscow.

He has photographed many celebrities such as Roberto Bolle, his style is simple and his photos are often in black and white while enhancing the gaze, pose and body of the photographer.

Ilaria Orsini

Ilaria Orsini always moved between Milan, New York and Paris while she collaborated for Double Magazine and other important fashion magazines.

She herself often defines her style halfway between cinema and a break with modernity, also calling herself a non-conformist for the poses, angles and backgrounds she uses.

The models are almost never photographed in full, often uses a blur effect and in many photos she prefers to give space to the background, minimalist but simple and impactful.

Arianna Lago

Finally, we suggest you keep an eye on Arianna Lago. She is a great Italian photographer even though she lives and works in London while collaborating with important magazines such as Metal.

Only recently she is establishing herself as a fashion photographer. Her goal is to always show the natural beauty of the models, their bodies and the environment that surrounds them.

She always manages to photograph the subject and the space, creating harmonious and simple environments. At the same time, it conveys the fragility of the subject in a safe and comforting environment, a mixture of fashion and pure art.

She loves colors and playing with lights to recreate environments that also express an artistic sense. An emerging photographer not to be missed.

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