Why should you buy an artisanal made in Italy shoe?

The alternatives on the market are practically infinite, hence fashion continues to evolve and gives life to ever new cult models. Offers and promotions from mass-consumption brands follow one another without stopping… In this scenario, which represents the daily life of the footwear, why should a person think of buying handmade italian shoes?

The Italian production (even since the times of the Roman Empire!) has always performed  its charm abroad: made in Italy is both synonymous of style and taste and at the same time a guarantee of quality under various aspects. That’s not all, because a made in Italy handcrafted shoe also expresses a real system of values thanks to the choices made for its production.

Let’s see them in detail.

Strict regulations and experienced professionals

The laws that regulate Italian production systems are particularly stringent. For this reason, a handcrafted product that can “show off” the certification of made in Italy guarantees a superior level of safety in terms of usage of the best raw materials, the absence of harmful elements, production models integrated into the country economic system and therefore a certain level of protection for workers.

Generally, the workers of handmade footwear sector are specialized professionals who put all their passion into their creations. This obviously implies that the cost of this type of shoe is not comparable to cost of footwear produced with automated assembly lines in other areas of the world. A person who buys a made in Italy artisan shoe declares that he/she cares about the workers’ wellbeing and gives value to the quality of specialized work.

Durable design and sustainability

No “fast fashion”: handmade shoes produced in Italy don’t belong to impulse shopping category with the idea that the shoes could be replaced quickly. Choosing a product of this type means using it for a long or even very long period, because it is designed to last. In this way, we produce less waste and use resources in a more intelligent way, including those of animal origin such as leather, which in our country comes 99% from residues from the food sector.

Artisan production is a more sustainable choice because it does not follow the disposable logic but that of enhancing the raw material used. Some shoe models also have a timeless style that makes it impossible to put them aside even as fashions change.

Investment in health

A shoe made with the utmost attention to the feet shape and the consideration of the raw materials to be used is a guarantee of absolute comfort. In fact, walking badly is not just a simple bother, but can even compromise your health in many different ways, for example by causing back pain, muscle inflammation, tendonitis and even headaches.

A sole that does not adhere well to the ground increases the risk of falls and sprains, and if the insole is made with non-breathable materials it can lead to annoying sweating problems of the feet.

Choosing a made in Italy artisan shoe you can be sure of not having any discomfort problems: the shoe is designed precisely to promote correct and safe walking, and the choice of raw materials is made to obtain the best performance. Toxic materials are not used and a lot of attention is also paid to  healthy production environment, adopting measures that allow to reduce the environmental impact.

Obviously alongside these characteristics of made in Italy artisan footwear there are others that have contributed to their success, such as: attention to details, craftsmanship techniques that few artisans are still able to execute, resistance to different types of stress and aesthetics that can satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes have all these characteristics: they represent the result of a family tradition that began more than seventy years ago in an artisan workshop in the heart of the Florentine countryside, in La Stella di Vinci.

Each Fratelli Borgioli shoe is a real artisan masterpiece, impeccable and comfortable, which keeps alive the passion for Italian taste in the world, thanks to a network of selected retailers who believe in beauty and quality.

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Fratelli Borgioli presents its Spring Summer 2023 collection

During Pitti Immagine Uomo, on the 15th of June 2022 Fratelli Borgioli organized an exclusive event to present the SS 2023 collection to the specialty store owners.

The event took place in Vinci, at the historic headquarters of Borgioli shoe factory, where the visitors had the opportunity to visit the museum Casa Borgioli, the place where the testimonies of the birth and the history of the shoe factory are cherished, as well as old machinery used to produce the shoes.

Spring Summer 2023 collection

The artisans of Fratelli Borgioli have been working on this collection for months with the aim to transfer the “souls” of the shoe factory: craftsmanship, elegance, exclusivity and excellence.

As we always do, the skins were selected from the local producers of excellent quality, as well as the styles were developed with artisan manual details, the result of handmade heritage work handled down for generations.

The research of the colors reflects the seasonal trend that will guide the men fashon of the next year.

Let’s have a closer look to the collection presented during the event.

Light classic

The moccasins in French calfskin are hand antiqued with Leonardo patina which involves the discoloration of the leather and then the manual coloring using creams and waxes which give the shoe a “vintage” effect.

The models are unlined for maximum lightness and comfort during the hot season.

Summer loafer

Lovers of this comfortable and elegant shoes will be satisfied with the wide choice: from classic models to drive moccasins in suede and soft calfskin, with tassels or fringes.

New style offers are not few, such as suede loafers with flaps in marine style fabric. The models of this product line have a fold-on heel so that they can be easily transformed in sabot.

Woven styles

The line of slippers with manual threading is expanded and enriched with new proposals of models, materials and types of weaves; each product expresses attention to the design, details and shape of the shoes.


The Event line has been completely renewed in this collection.

Oxford and derby shoes are made on pointed lasts with the usage of rich materials such as brocades, velvets and patent leather.

The elegant loafers are made on comfortable last without sacrificing the beauty. The materials, the colors and the accessories speak about luxury, opulence and comfort. The quilted inner sole and burgundy hand colored outer sole are the “must have” for all the styles of Rinascimento line.

The rebranding of Fratelli Borgioli

On this occasion, the rebranding project was also presented, which in recent months helped to create a new image of the Fratelli Borgioli brand.

The new coordinated image, in its many concepts, expresses the cornerstones of Fratelli Borgioli:

  • the connection with the history and with the territory, Tuscany countryside, the place that has always been famous for knowledge and creativity;
  • the exclusivity of the shoe meant as a masterpiece, the result of know how handled from generation to generation;
  • the uniqueness of a shoe handcrafted in Italy according to ancient Tuscan artisan techniques;
  • the value of Made in Italy product, made with the best raw materials.

Tuscan Genius is the claim associated to the brand to sum up its essence in two words. The new website, the social network and all the communication materials fully reflect the new concept.

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