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How to understand the real quality of a handcrafted shoe?

Comfort, style, uniqueness: people who choose handcrafted footwear want to wear the shoes that distinguish them and able to resist over time, perhaps even opting for a tailor-made model.

These shoes require great attention to the creation process, which also implies dozens of hours for each single shoe. That is why, the result obtained from all the necessary processes represents a combination of tradition, quality and attention to detail which makes handcrafted footwear particularly fascinating.

However, as with any precious and sought-after object, even for handcrafted shoes it is possible to come across poor quality artefacts that are however sold at exorbitant prices.

How can you understand that the shoes you have chosen to sell in your shop are truly handcrafted and of high quality?

Here are some pointers so you don’t get fooled.

Traditional professional stitching

Although innovation is also present in this field of activity, those who create superior quality handcrafted shoes cannot ignore the knowledge and application of some historical techniques. These are now the prerogatives of a few companies that can boast decades of history behind them.

For example, the Goodyear sole construction technique is executed entirely by hand and it is particularly complex. A shoe made with this process offers a guarantee of superior sturdiness and can last a very long time. It consists of joining a strip (welt) of leather to the upper, the insole and the sole through a high-precision stitching, which follows the shape of the foot for the maximum comfort and which allows the shoes to be resoled even several times without worsening their structure.

Therefore, checking the stitching is certainly the first step to understand the quality of a handcrafted shoe and its potential for durability over time.

Materials from qualified suppliers

The best handcrafted shoes should be made with high-quality leather. This means that they are soft and treated to be resistant, that they come from chosen suppliers and that they are processed with respect for the raw material, to enhance its natural beauty and protect it over time.

Check the information about the company that made the shoes you are considering to buy: does it have a consolidated network of qualified partners, capable of providing top-quality materials? If yes, then your handcrafted shoes will be comfortable and durable. In general, a shoe made with high quality leather can already be felt by touch, but requesting information from the manufacturer will give you additional guarantees.

Be careful though, because a shoe is not just made of leather. Even the internal lining and the insole, which may have elements in fabric or other materials, should guarantee excellent performance in terms of breathability and cushioning. Ask about these components too to ensure no details have been missed.

Perfection in the details

Handcrafted shoes can have a classic or more eclectic style, but what indicates their quality regardless of the line is the maximum attention to detail.

Therefore, be wary of even minimal imperfections in the measurements of the two shoes: they should be perfectly symmetrical, without any difference in the shape of the sole or the height of the heel. The same thing regards the color shades, unless it is a model that bases its charm on a particular “irregular” treatment. The shoes of each pair should be identical in the treatment of the leather, in the shape of the stitching, in the colors, in the arrangement of the decorations.

If there are imperfections, it means that the product was not made with the right dedication and professionalism. A pair of handcrafted shoes is a precious gift that you grant yourself to own a unique and well-finished object, therefore no exceptions are allowed. Remember that you are offering your customers to wear a small handcrafted jewel, which must absolutely fulfill their every desire for perfection.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of handcrafted footwear capable of guaranteeing you only and always the highest quality?

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