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How to communicate the value of a Made in Italy shoe to your customers?

Every retailer of Italian handmade shoes is pondering on this very question. Moreover, nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to convey to the market the value of one’s shop and of the proper commercial choices.

Made in Italy shoes are not just a functional product, but a product that embodies an entire series of values and meanings, such as tradition, quality, care, style and elegance, capable of giving to the customer the real purchase experience.

The customer who enters your shop will not only find the shoes, but also the attention, love and care that the crasfmen put into the production of each single shoe.

Buying a Made in Italy shoe is certainly not an impulse purchase.

To convince the customer to pay a premium price, he should be well aware of the advantages and qualities that differentiate Italian handmade shoes from any other pair of shoes on the market. Therefore, it is clear how important is communication in conveying this system of values that characerizes Made in Italy artisan shoes.

What are the aspects that you should highlight to your clientele?

Let’s see them more in detail.

The reputation of Made in Italy

Made in Italy is known all over the world as a synonym of high fashion, quality, craftsmanship, timelesess style and innovation.

These characteristics have ensured that Italy has reached the first place in fashion. In fact, there is no coincidence that the Italians are famous abroad for their style and how they dress up.

The brand Made in Italy has a global reputation: according to a study published by Forbes magazine, Made in Italy takes the seventh place in terms of reputation among world consumers.

The retailers of Made in Italy footwear should know how to convey these strong points to the clients and make them clear that wearing a Made in Italy shoe they will certainly get noticed!

The tradition

Made in Italy handmade shoes are the result of a long Italian tradition, handed down over the years, from craftsman to crasftsman.

Each shoe is made by people who cultivate a great passion and love for their work. Each shoe is produced with the utmost care for the raw materials, the shape, the sole (leather sole is preferred to rubber one) and the details. Therefore, Italian handmade shoes do not represent a simple “product” but a real piece of art.

The creation of an Italian handmade shoe starts from the creation of the design, that includes the analysis of the main contemporary trends, always maintaining the classic and timeless styles, typical of Italian footwear.

Then comes the cutting of the leather which determinese the added value of the shoe, and contributes to its beauty and quality. This process depends entirely on the skills and experience of the craftsman.

The next step is stitching, when the upper is connected to the lining putting the hardeners on toe and heel.

Then follows the assembly process, when all the components of the shoe are put together, paying the utmost attention to symmetries and details.

Finally, the final step is hand finishing which consists in polishing the leather, lacing and meticulously checking the shoe.

When a customer enters your shop to buy a pair of shoes, try to show him the different steps of the production process of handcrafted footwear, so as to let him know the tradition and artistic value that lie behind each shoe.

Made to order

Each person is different in tastes and style, as well as in the shape of their feet. We cannot think of being able to produce shoes that are the same for everyone, capable of fully satisfying each customer.

Made in Italy handmade shoe sector offers the possibility of „Made to Order”, i.e. the possibility of customizing footwear based on the customers’s style and preferences, as well as on the basis of his foot shape, in order to guarantee maximum comfort and satistasfaction.

The customization of footwear is a strong point that distinguishes Made in italy shoes from those of competitors, and contribues to creating value for the customer.

The sustainability of supply chain

Environmental impact is a problem that affects all of us. The consumer is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that his choices in terms of consumption can have an impact on the environment. Consequently more and more consumers are opting for green solutions which respect the environment and reduce its pollution.

It is well known that the fashion sectors, including the footwear sector, have a significant environmental impact. Every year around 20 billion shoes are produced, and, according to a study carried out by MIT, the production of a pair of shoes produces an average of 30 kg of carbon dioxide.

This problem is partly due to the increasing spread of fast fashion: people tend to buy cheap shoes that they will use for a very limited period of time and then throw them away. It is evident that this consumption trend produces a lot of waste, which has very negative consequences on the environment.

Made in Italy handmade shoes have nothing to do with fast fashion: the craftsmen produce each shoe by hand, paying particular attention to the usage of the best raw materials, free of any toxic or polluting substance. The high quality of the shoes means that they last over time, without the need to be constantly changed, consequently reducing the amount of waste produced and the impact on the environment.

It is, therefore, crucial to focus communication on these advantages: a consumer who is sensitive to respect for the environment will be willing to pay a premium price for a sustainable product.

Fratelli Borgioli footwear embodies the strengths of Made in Italy: every shoe made by Fratelli Borgioli is a piece of art, the result of a long family tradition that began more than seventy years ago in La Stella di Vinci, in Tuscany.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes are unique in their style, thanks to the great care and passion that the craftsmen put into the production of each shoe, which give each model immense beauty and quality. Would you like to know more about our products and about the exclusive advantaged reserved for Fratelli Borgioli retailers? CONTATTACI.

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