How to understand the real quality of a handcrafted shoe?

Comfort, style, uniqueness: people who choose handcrafted footwear want to wear the shoes that distinguish them and able to resist over time, perhaps even opting for a tailor-made model.

These shoes require great attention to the creation process, which also implies dozens of hours for each single shoe. That is why, the result obtained from all the necessary processes represents a combination of tradition, quality and attention to detail which makes handcrafted footwear particularly fascinating.

However, as with any precious and sought-after object, even for handcrafted shoes it is possible to come across poor quality artefacts that are however sold at exorbitant prices.

How can you understand that the shoes you have chosen to sell in your shop are truly handcrafted and of high quality?

Here are some pointers so you don’t get fooled.

Traditional professional stitching

Although innovation is also present in this field of activity, those who create superior quality handcrafted shoes cannot ignore the knowledge and application of some historical techniques. These are now the prerogatives of a few companies that can boast decades of history behind them.

For example, the Goodyear sole construction technique is executed entirely by hand and it is particularly complex. A shoe made with this process offers a guarantee of superior sturdiness and can last a very long time. It consists of joining a strip (welt) of leather to the upper, the insole and the sole through a high-precision stitching, which follows the shape of the foot for the maximum comfort and which allows the shoes to be resoled even several times without worsening their structure.

Therefore, checking the stitching is certainly the first step to understand the quality of a handcrafted shoe and its potential for durability over time.

Materials from qualified suppliers

The best handcrafted shoes should be made with high-quality leather. This means that they are soft and treated to be resistant, that they come from chosen suppliers and that they are processed with respect for the raw material, to enhance its natural beauty and protect it over time.

Check the information about the company that made the shoes you are considering to buy: does it have a consolidated network of qualified partners, capable of providing top-quality materials? If yes, then your handcrafted shoes will be comfortable and durable. In general, a shoe made with high quality leather can already be felt by touch, but requesting information from the manufacturer will give you additional guarantees.

Be careful though, because a shoe is not just made of leather. Even the internal lining and the insole, which may have elements in fabric or other materials, should guarantee excellent performance in terms of breathability and cushioning. Ask about these components too to ensure no details have been missed.

Perfection in the details

Handcrafted shoes can have a classic or more eclectic style, but what indicates their quality regardless of the line is the maximum attention to detail.

Therefore, be wary of even minimal imperfections in the measurements of the two shoes: they should be perfectly symmetrical, without any difference in the shape of the sole or the height of the heel. The same thing regards the color shades, unless it is a model that bases its charm on a particular “irregular” treatment. The shoes of each pair should be identical in the treatment of the leather, in the shape of the stitching, in the colors, in the arrangement of the decorations.

If there are imperfections, it means that the product was not made with the right dedication and professionalism. A pair of handcrafted shoes is a precious gift that you grant yourself to own a unique and well-finished object, therefore no exceptions are allowed. Remember that you are offering your customers to wear a small handcrafted jewel, which must absolutely fulfill their every desire for perfection.

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The colors of handcrafted shoes: how to choose the right color for your brand?

The color of the shoes in your footwear line can be a distinctive and memorable element of your brand. Provided that it is chosen based on well-defined criteria.

In fact, in a shoe design project, nothing can be left to a chance. Even the shoe with the most attractive outlines and the best finishing, unfortunately, can turn out to be a real commercial flop if the perfect color shade is not carefully selected to enhance its characteristics and meet the taste of the public for which it is been thought of.

How can you be sure to choose the right color for the footwear that will bear your brand’s mark? Here are some tips to help you make your decision.

The right color reflects your brand identity

Rifletti sull’identità e sullo stile del tuo marchio. Se ha un’estetica chiara e definita, i colori delle scarpe della tua linea dovrebbero rispecchiare quest’estetica. Ad esempio, un marchio noto per la sua eleganza potrebbe optare per colori classici e sofisticati, mentre un marchio giovane e vivace potrebbe puntare su colori accattivanti e alla moda.

Think about your brand identity and style. If it has a clear and defined aesthetic, the colors of the shoes in your line should reflect this aesthetic. For example, a brand known for its elegance might opt ​​for classic and sophisticated colors, while a young and vibrant brand might focus on eye-catching and trendy colors.

So you can also be bold in your choices, but you should always make sure that the colors you choose are consistent with your vision and your brand positioning.

The right color meets the taste of your target audience

To make sure you conquer a specific segment of buyers with your footwear, you need to know exactly what the tastes of the people you would like to sell to are!

For this reason, before choosing the colors for your shoe line you must first clearly define the target you are addressing and then carry out a market analysis to understand what the desires and preferences of this segment of the public are.

Don’t get any illusions: the right color for your footwear is not chosen based on a moment’s inspiration, but is the result of in-depth studies.

The right color for next season? Experts already know which are they

You always have to consider current fashion trends and the seasons in which your shoe line will be available on the market.

This is why it is essential that you entrust the production of your handcrafted footwear to an expert shoe factory that has been working with various fashion brands for some time: these credentials ensure that the shoe factory’s internal pattern makers are always up to date on upcoming trends and are able to advise you exactly on the colors that will meet the public’s favor.

The right color enhances the models and materials you have chosen for your footwear line

A beautiful shoe can become a masterpiece if it is made in the right shade of leather or fabric. In the same way, the wrong color can penalize even a finely made shoe without the possibility of remedy. Some colors, then, may work better or worse than others on certain materials or finishes.

There are colors that can make your footwear iconic, because they interpret the style of the moment or because they match perfectly with your clothing collection. To identify them you need appropriate training and great experience in the footwear sector, which is based on dynamics that are totally different from other branches of design. The specialization of the shoe factory you rely on is an important guarantee for choosing the color of your next line of branded shoes.

The right color reflects your values

Does company pay attention to sustainability? Then you have to choose a color with low environmental impact.

And maybe even a color palette that expresses your attention to the environment, because only in this way will you intercept the right audience for you, which is made up of people who don’t buy just any shoe and who tend to want to clearly express their green inclination.

Or maybe your company has an artisanal vocation? In this case, a coloring performed with traditional artisan shoemaking methods could be a feature capable of attracting the interest of the right target of buyers.

The choice of color for your footwear line is very delicate when your brand is strongly characterized in terms of values. A mistake could turn into a potential boomerang with a disastrous impact on the image.

The right color can make the handcrafted shoes designed for your brand a must have! However, as we have just seen, choosing the perfect shade may not be easy at all.

By relying on an experienced and internationally qualified artisan shoe manufacturer, you can ensure that your shoe design project takes into consideration not only the selection of materials and the necessary production steps but also all the important market information to conquer your target audience.

Fratelli Borgioli, a historic Tuscan artisan brand of men’s footwear, offers its customers the Private Label service. With the consultancy of the company’s product development team and its internal pattern making department, it is possible to create for your own brand a collection of footwear with all the characteristics that have made Fratelli Borgioli a brand appreciated by international fashion houses and by all lovers of beauty.

For this reason Fratelli Borgioli has become the reference point for the most important high fashion brands who are looking for a shoe manufacturer in Tuscany capable to guarantee perfection, organisation, know-how and punctuality.

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Can the production of handmade footwear become sustainable?

Wearing a handcrafted shoe is certainly a small luxury, that evokes the idea of an ancient world made of slow and precise gestures, of an equipped laboratory that produces a few pieces without waste. However, the reality is a little different, because today’s artisan shoe factories still work with an organized assembly line and rely on a supply chain that can also be very long and complex to ensure the success of the processes and the supply of materials.

Considering the growing attention for products that ensure a reduced environmental impact, the world of footwear is also increasingly striving to find solutions that permit to combine formal perfection with greater product sustainability.

How can handmade footwear become more sustainable? There are so many options that don’t compromise at all the production of high quality shoes.

Italian leather and sustainability

Although leather is undoubtedly an animal derivative, the real leather used to produce footwear can also be sustainable. The quality standards ensured by the production in Italy and usage Italian raw materials, in fact, guarantee that the leather responds to major characteristics of transparency and that it is processed with respect for the workers.

Furthermore, 99% of Italian leather derives from the residues of the food industry, and not vice versa, thus leather is a raw material included in the circular economy.

When you opt for local suppliers, even better. The supply of raw materials at or near 0 km makes it possible to optimize transport and consequently consumption.

The most refined color is green

Usage of natural-based colors, return to handcrafted coloring techniques that have perhaps been lost over time in favor of faster chemical processes, is a way to guarantee handcrafted footwear not only a minor impact on the environment but also a unique and timeless look.

This type of leather processing often has no place in the industrial production, while the situation in the world of handcrafted shoes is different, because hand coloring reflects the detail-oriented approach to handmade shoe, enhancing its value.

Shoe factory and energy

Sustainability is not only about careful selection of the raw materials and processing them with limited usage of chemical products: to make handcrafted footwear more sustainable it is also possible to intervene on the production system. This means, for example, reviewing the energy supply of the structure to rely on non-fossil sources, or optimizing processes in order to reduce energy consumption and cut emissions.

Alongside this process, it is also possible to intervene on logistics by choosing more virtuous distribution systems or even review the packaging of footwear to make their recycling easier or to reduce the amount of material used.

Every action is useful in order to find maximum sustainability: to reduce their environmental impact, shoe factories can operate jointly on several fronts.

A controlled supply chain

Selecting suppliers who care about respect for the environment is essential for any artisan shoe factory that wants to make its production more sustainable. So, for example, collaborating with companies physically close to your headquarters allows you to reduce emissions related to transport, and choosing tanneries that not only carry out eco-friendly tanning but which have also reduced their water footprint are two excellent ways to produce footwear with a reduced environmental impact.

Finally, there is an inner characteristic of handcrafted footwear that makes them sustainable: their durability.

A product with attention to the smallest details and made with excellent materials and workmanship is made to last for years, always maintaining a good looking aspect even when it is a little “worn”. Disposable products are the main enemies of the environment, especially if the waste produced cannot be recycled in any way. Durable design, like that of the most refined handcrafted footwear, is synonymous of  sustainability.

In Fratelli Borgioli footwear, the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship and technological innovation blend together to accompany the owner of these shoes for a lifetime.

Selling Fratelli Borgioli shoes means to be confident that you are offering your customers a product with all the features that surprise them with lasting beauty and superior comfort.

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Why should you buy an artisanal made in Italy shoe?

The alternatives on the market are practically infinite, hence fashion continues to evolve and gives life to ever new cult models. Offers and promotions from mass-consumption brands follow one another without stopping… In this scenario, which represents the daily life of the footwear, why should a person think of buying handmade italian shoes?

The Italian production (even since the times of the Roman Empire!) has always performed  its charm abroad: made in Italy is both synonymous of style and taste and at the same time a guarantee of quality under various aspects. That’s not all, because a made in Italy handcrafted shoe also expresses a real system of values thanks to the choices made for its production.

Let’s see them in detail.

Strict regulations and experienced professionals

The laws that regulate Italian production systems are particularly stringent. For this reason, a handcrafted product that can “show off” the certification of made in Italy guarantees a superior level of safety in terms of usage of the best raw materials, the absence of harmful elements, production models integrated into the country economic system and therefore a certain level of protection for workers.

Generally, the workers of handmade footwear sector are specialized professionals who put all their passion into their creations. This obviously implies that the cost of this type of shoe is not comparable to cost of footwear produced with automated assembly lines in other areas of the world. A person who buys a made in Italy artisan shoe declares that he/she cares about the workers’ wellbeing and gives value to the quality of specialized work.

Durable design and sustainability

No “fast fashion”: handmade shoes produced in Italy don’t belong to impulse shopping category with the idea that the shoes could be replaced quickly. Choosing a product of this type means using it for a long or even very long period, because it is designed to last. In this way, we produce less waste and use resources in a more intelligent way, including those of animal origin such as leather, which in our country comes 99% from residues from the food sector.

Artisan production is a more sustainable choice because it does not follow the disposable logic but that of enhancing the raw material used. Some shoe models also have a timeless style that makes it impossible to put them aside even as fashions change.

Investment in health

A shoe made with the utmost attention to the feet shape and the consideration of the raw materials to be used is a guarantee of absolute comfort. In fact, walking badly is not just a simple bother, but can even compromise your health in many different ways, for example by causing back pain, muscle inflammation, tendonitis and even headaches.

A sole that does not adhere well to the ground increases the risk of falls and sprains, and if the insole is made with non-breathable materials it can lead to annoying sweating problems of the feet.

Choosing a made in Italy artisan shoe you can be sure of not having any discomfort problems: the shoe is designed precisely to promote correct and safe walking, and the choice of raw materials is made to obtain the best performance. Toxic materials are not used and a lot of attention is also paid to  healthy production environment, adopting measures that allow to reduce the environmental impact.

Obviously alongside these characteristics of made in Italy artisan footwear there are others that have contributed to their success, such as: attention to details, craftsmanship techniques that few artisans are still able to execute, resistance to different types of stress and aesthetics that can satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes have all these characteristics: they represent the result of a family tradition that began more than seventy years ago in an artisan workshop in the heart of the Florentine countryside, in La Stella di Vinci.

Each Fratelli Borgioli shoe is a real artisan masterpiece, impeccable and comfortable, which keeps alive the passion for Italian taste in the world, thanks to a network of selected retailers who believe in beauty and quality.

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Men shoes: what is the consumer looking for in his favorite store?

The owners of shops that sell quality handmade footwear often ask themselves this question. The following ones are:

How can I counteract online shopping?

How can I convey to my customers the added value of my shop?

How can I communicate to potential customers the quality of certain products  (when quality itself already explains the price)?

The list of questions could be very long.

Retailers, who decide to offer high quality products to a niche market made up of customers who buy exclusive shoes, need answers and strategies to let the market understand their value. They do not want and cannot be classified as places that simply sell expensive products.

So let’s see together what today’s consumer is looking for when he enters his favorite store and what this store can’t miss.

  • Very high quality and durability

It seems obvious to say that a high-level shoe shop should only deal with excellent quality products but it is not. Shop owners are well aware that there are brands that over time have not been able to maintain the high level of their products; the quality should always be verified for the entire period in which the shop owner collaborates with a brand. In case you meet with problems and defects the products should be sent back to the manufacturer because no shop can afford to sell poor quality shoes.

  • Differentiating positioning

As a retailer of handmade shoes, you have to understand and communicate your identity to your customers. The more easily recognizable you are in the eyes of your customers, the more they will remember you (and not your competitors) when they search for a certain product.

If you sell wedding shoes, you can’t have sneakers, for example. If you are recognized for your selection of made in Italy shoes, you cannot sell imported products. If you are known for being a talent scout of the best crafted shoes, don’t disappoint your customers’ expectations.

Today’s customer comes to your store because he knows that the products he finds worth the journey and should always have certain expectations that cannot be disregarded.

  • Alway be up to date with the trends

Differentiating positioning and selling a certain type of shoe that makes you instantly recognizable doesn’t mean you never need to change.

It is important to know the current trends and innovate to be able to meet the expectations of a range of customers who follow the evolution of men’s fashion. Magazines, fairs, fashion shows, presentations of collections are useful tools that should not to be left behind.

  • Give assistance and consulting to the client

For sure, this aspect is more difficult to find online. A store that you trust is made up of people who are always ready to welcome customers, listen to their needs and then translate them into the right product.

From this point of view, the shop owner should select brands that are open for consultancy aspect. The “advantage” of buying a handmade shoe is also to be able to request some alterations or particular colors of the original model.

Many customers are looking for the possibility  to have customized products and if you are able to satisfy them it certainly represents an added value for your shop.

  • Sustainability

This is a fundamental element in all the areas: the market seeks and demands products that are sustainable.

Even in the field of handmade shoes, your customers are looking for brands that are sensitive to sustainability.

For this reason it is necessary to consider the fact that the reduction of the impact on the environment can be translated into many characteristics: the choice of local leathers, the willing to collaborate with 0 km suppliers, the use of certain machinery (more sustainable than others), the search for non-toxic colours, the production of recyclable packaging, the use of green labels, etc.
The owner of high level store should know all the brands he deals with and know what type of actions they have taken to reduce the environmental impact of their business.

  • Know the products and the production processes

A reseller should know in detail the products he sells: characteristics, manufacturing techniques, materials, colours, etc. But knowing the products is not enough, you also need to be informed about the brands: history, company choices, policies relating to sustainability, peculiarities… in short, all those elements that make the brand worthy of interest.

Provided that Italy is the heart of  craftsmanship in the footwear sector, retailers who want to stand out from the multitude of shops have the opportunity to select the best examples of craftsmanship, thus offering unique and precious products.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes are the result of a family tradition that began more than seventy years ago in an artisan workshop in the heart of the Florentine countryside, in La Stella di Vinci.

Each shoe made by Fratelli Borgioli is a true artisan masterpiece, flawless and comfortable. The tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship and technological innovation blend together to give life to a shoe that accompanies his owner for a lifetime.

With the style and formal perfection of its products, Fratelli Borgioli keeps the passion for Italian taste alive in the world, thanks to a network of selected retailers who believe in beauty and quality.

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Manolo Blahnik finds its perfection with Fratelli Borgioli in Tuscany

The majority of men shoes of London based and internationally famous brand Manolo Blahnik are produced by Fratelli Borgioli.

Born in Spain, established in London and Paris, the designer himself wanted to tell and trace the collaboration with our company in the interview to Telegraph.

The stylist is constantly looking for perfection for each product with his brand; therefore, the search for partners to collaborate with is a complex and not always successful deal. For the shoes of the men’s collection, this perfection was found in Tuscany.

In fact, since 2017 Fratelli Borgioli shoe factory has been producing most of the shoes of Manolo Blahnik men’s collection.

We are honored to hear about us in such flattering terms but above all we are happy to collaborate with someone who has deeply grasped the high value of Tuscan craftsmanship. Only the experience gained over time has allowed our craftsmen to achieve the dexterity necessary to build a high quality shoe completely by hand.

Even our almost maniacal search for perfection is particularly appreciated by the stylist who, not surprisingly, states “it is much more than a job, it is passion”.

In our vision, creating a shoe means giving life to a masterpiece thanks to a know-how that is handed down from generation to generation and which is strongly linked to the relationship with Tuscany; this aspect is also well considered by the London fashion house.

Despite the noise of the machines and the heat, Manolo Blahnik is always fascinated by our production plant where you can see how shoes come to life … you immediately understand that “there is something special in the air”.

For many years Fratelli Borgioli has been offering the Private Label service to brands: with the advice of the company’s product development team, it is possible to create a footwear collection with your own brand that will have all the features of the brand like Fratelli Borgioli, appreciated by international fashion houses and by all lovers of beauty.

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How operates the style department in Tuscan shoe factory?

ufficio stile

In the common imagination, the style department is one of the most fascinating ones in a shoe factory. It is the department where creativity has free rein; it is the place where the first sketches of the models are born, which are to be developed  in the following months.

In order to understand better how a style office works, it is necessary to make a clarification on the company context. A Tuscan shoe factory is a company in which the shoes are made by hand, applying “ancient” techniques, often handled from generation to generation. The person involved in creating and designing of the models needs to constantly relate to the production, so the creation of the shoe implies deep knowledge of production processes.

The style office of a shoe factory works to produce the collections of its own brand and it often gives the same service to the other brands that rely on its creativity to develop their own shoe collection.

Keep an eye on the current trends

Being the creative “department” of the company, the style office constantly interacts with the outside world to stay up to date on current trends. Creativity should leed to the creation of a collection that reflects the taste and needs of today’s consumers.

As you may know, the shoe sector is evolving rapidly and, season after season, trends and colors change. The designers should therefore interpret the trends of the moment to create products capable of expressing the essence of the brand. The stimuli that come from the outside day by day are then elaborated and “translated” into each individual product.

Furthermore, the style office never loses sight of what competitors produce: it is not a question of wanting to imitate others but of staying up to date.

The style office also “studies” carefully the proposals of the main luxury brands which, although not being direct competitors, could become the customers of an Italian shoe factory. In fact, there are many luxury brands that entrust the production of their models to local producers, who are capable of making shoes of the highest quality.

The research of the quality

The quality of a shoe is not only achieved in the production step but starts from its design; the choice of the most innovative materials, the attention to every detail, the color combinations … everything should be meticulously studied to obtain a perfect product in its uniqueness.

The relationship with the local tradition

Toscanity is synonym of high quality and tradition, especially when it comes to footwear. It is no coincidence that “made in Tuscany” shoes are famous all over the world and are particularly in demand abroad.

The Tuscan tradition of leather processing has a long history which the style office deeply knows and wants to convey into its own models; each shoe should contain the essence of Tuscan craftsmanship.

The choice of materials and processing techniques distinguish a shoe created, designed and produced in Tuscany.

The relations with the clients

Those who work in a shoe factory’s style office know their customers very well (almost one by one), know what they want and what they expect to find. Thanks to its excellence, the Tuscan shoe is exported abroad, therefore, the designers should also take into account the foreign market and its characteristic.

What the style department can do for you?

As mentioned above, Tuscan shoe factories not only produce shoes with their own brand but are often contacted by other companies to create a shoe collection branded with the customers’ label.

In these cases, the style office accepts the customer’s request forwarding the catalogue with the models to choose out from. Later the colors and finishes of each individual shoe are decided in order to create a collection that fully reflects the soul of the brand.

When we talk about clothing brands, it is essential to collaborate with a high-level style office, able to best advise the customer regarding the choice of materials and finishes in order to obtain a quality product that matches the rest of the garments in the collection.

We should consider that companies that decide to launch their own footwear brand wish to expand their business and, therefore, to omit “splashes in the mud” they should carefully evaluate the style office to collaborate with.

Fratelli Borgioli also has an internal style department which, combining the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship with technological innovation, creates real artisan masterpieces, impeccable and comfortable, signed by Fratelli Borgioli.

Thanks to the professionalism of its style department, Fratelli Borgioli is able to offer its customers the Private Label service as well. Following the advice of the designer team, it is possible to create a collection of own-brand footwear with all the characteristics that have made Fratelli Borgioli a brand appreciated by international fashion houses.

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How to design your own footwear brand (and how to do it easily)

Both the largest international fashion houses and single stores or chains that carry out their own shoes already do this. To create the proper shoe brand you are not necessary should be an artisanal experts in this field of activity. Actually, what matters is to know which are the steps to follow to achieve the results according to your expectations. And to know how to choose carefully who to trust.

Why create your own footwear brand?

The reasons may be different and they depend on who requests this type of service.

In case of fashion brands, for example, creating a shoe line stylistically combined with the clothing line is the best way to create total looks that are perfectly consistent with their own idea of fashion and represent an ideal solution to increase the average sales of its customers. In case when the brand is known and appreciated, shoes with the same brand name will certainly be chosen by those who are fond of its clothing lines.

On the other hand, talking about shoe retailers, it is easy to understand how offering their customers a shoe line with their own brand is the way to enhance the experience and taste developed by them over the years. A shop that caters to a particularly demanding clientele can ensure maximum exclusivity if it creates a footwear line impossible to find elsewhere. And even in this case, if the retailer has made his name synonymous with quality, the footwear styles with his brand will be considered a valuable product by its customers.

Where do you start to create a footwear brand from?

Let’s assume that it is not that simple, if you want to do it independently: the creation of a shoe in fact requires a thorough knowledge of raw materials, processes and lines.

In addition to this, it is necessary to study the market that you want to reach, defining which are the most widespread trends and the most demanding and frequent requests of the target audience. It is therefore necessary to know the history of footwear fashion and how to interpret the taste of the moment, otherwise you risk to offer unsuccessful styles to the market. In addition to that, you should also have a good knowledge of colors and materials, to be able to match them correctly to the season, in order not to create unsuitable footwear.

How to create your own footwear line in a simple way

Since it is quite difficult for those who do not work in the shoe production, to have all the skills we have just listed, the simplest solution for those who want to create their own footwear brand is to rely on a shoe factory specialized in private label productions. In this way, you can take advantage of the experience of the craftsmen and be sure to obtain an excellent result.

It is therefore possible to proceed in two ways:

  • to offer to the shoe factory its own design of the footwear and request the necessary advise to bring the design into life;
  • to ask the shoe factory for a footwear catalog that can be created on behalf of third parties: starting from the certain models, you can then choose and apply the different desired finishes, in order to have a line that perfectly reflects the style of your fashion house or footwear store.

Both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages which you need to take into consideration to avoid bad surprises:

  • the development of an ad hoc model is certainly a guarantee of the uniqueness of the shoe-to-be, but it can take much time, as each shoe line  should be carefully studied and tested to be sure of a perfect result;
  • the elaboration of a shoe line using the existing catalogue ensures that the shoes can surely be successful, because the models have been already selected by the shoe factory. In order to obtain an original result you should be guided by the experts who could carefully combine finishes and materials in a distinctive and recognizable way without making mistakes.

Launching a footwear brand with your name is certainly a winning idea to boost your business. However, to prevent it from turning into a boomerang, it is good to carefully select the partner to entrust the work to, evaluating his experience in making shoes in terms of the style of your brand.

Fratelli Borgioli, the historic Tuscan artisan brand of men footwear, also offers its customers the Private Label service. With the advice of the company’s product development team, it is possible to create a footwear collection with your own brand that will have all the features of the brand like Fratelli Borgioli, appreciated by international fashion houses and by all lovers of beauty.

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The differences between artisanal and industrial footwear mostly appreciated by the market

Calzatura artigianale

An artisanal shoe, produced by hand, is very different from an industrially made product. Consequently the shop that sells a high-level Made in Italy shoe cannot really be compared to many other shoe retailers.

The consumers are well aware of this.

Which are the expectations of a customer who enters your store?

What shoes does he expect to find? With what characteristics?

The consumers are very well informed, having access to the web, in order to deeply study the retailer they can rely on, the product they intend to buy, the composition materials and all the details that make it unique.

Therefore, before choosing a supplier to collaborate with, you need to study it thoroughly and understand if its products corresponds to the expectations of your customers.

The shoes and brands you choose to resell deeply distinguish your store, so when choosing products, you should be very careful. At this stage you are to keep in mind which items your customers are looking for and which peculiarities of handcrafted footwear really make the difference.

Let’s have a look at the aspects of handcrafted shoes, according to the ancient techniques, are mostly appreciated by the market.

The selection of materials

Per la produzione delle proprie calzature una realtà artigianale presta la massima cura nella ricerca di materiali e tessuti, utilizzando solo prodotti di alta qualità.

The artisan shoe factory pays the utmost care for the production of its footwear, for the research of materials and fabrics, using only high quality products.

The raw material is the starting point, as far as it should be processed in the best way, it must be excellent; the origin of the materials is equally important too. The leathers should be produced by masters who have a thorough knowledge of this ancient art.

The local leather is the best option making the shoe production process more sustainable.

We shouldn’t neglect the materials used for the production of the sole of the shoes: the usage of leather, instead of rubber sole, will facilitate the walking process making it more natural.

Compared to shoes produced industrially on a large scale, handcrafted footwear may have some small imperfections that distinguish the essence of the material. The imperfections that make shoes unique and special are certainly appreciated (like the grain of the wood) but they should be limited in number, size and visibility.

The same issue concerns the coloring: handcrafted shoes are colored by hand according to long processes made up of many steps, therefore it is possible that the coloring is not completely homogeneous and can present some small inequalities. In this case the inhomogeneities should be almost imperceptible and justified by the fact that the shoe has been colored by hand.

The stitching

The quality of the seams is a fundamental aspect for the success of a shoe and must be perfect.

The construction of to the bottom, in fact, distinguishes the handcrafted shoes from those of industrial production which are simply glued. The stitchings make the shoe robust, resistant to rain and durable in time.

The most famous stitchings are Blake Rapid and Goodyear. The stitchings should be straight, with no overlapping, at a glance they should be neat, linear and visibly solid, as the seams bear continuous pressure and twisting throughout their life.

The symmetry

When it comes to the craftsmanship, the human factor should be taken into account. The shoe is produced by an expert craftsman who works the materials for several days before obtaining the finished product.

Taking this detail into account, the two pairs of shoes should be symmetrical.

The finishing of the shoes

The finished product of an excellent quality is seen by the smallest details which should be cured in the best possible way.

The operations of the finishing, brushing and polishing of the bottom of a shoe, the attachment of the heel are aspects that make the difference and distinguish the product.

The careful cleaning of the upper perfectly reflects the masterfulness of craftsmanship, bringing the shoe to another level.

The weight

The selection of the materials, and subsequently of other elements added during different manufacturing steps, is aimed to give strength to the shoe without making it too heavy.

Furthermore, the shoe should be resistant yet not too rigid. In this regard, expert consumers are well aware that an artisan shoe may initially create discomfort but once the shoe is adapted to the wearer’s feet, it becomes more and more comfortable.

Fratelli Borgioli shoes are the result of a family tradition that began more than seventy years ago in an artisan workshop in the heart of the Florentine countryside, in La Stella di Vinci.

Each Fratelli Borgioli shoe is a real artisan masterpiece, flawless and comfortable. The tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship and technological innovation merge together to give life to a shoe that will accompany the wearer for the whole life.

The style and formal perfection of Fratelli Borgioli products keep the passion for Italian taste alive in the world, thanks to a network of selected retailers who believe in beauty and quality.

To sell Fratelli Borgioli means being sure to offer your customers a product that has all the features we mentioned above and that expresses the high quality of Tuscan craftsmanship.

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