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17 Italian Men’s Fashion Micro Influencers

We handpicked 17 Italian men’s fashion micro influencers. Stay updated on Italian men’s fashion!

Italian men’s fashion: we all know the big names to draw inspiration from. But what if the ones to keep an eye on were the influencers with less than 100,000 followers? We have discovered 17 Italian men’s fashion micro influencers and today we present them to you:

  1. Alessandro Enriquez
  2. Alessandro Manfredini
  3. Domenico Gianfrate
  4. Fabio La Mantia
  5. Federico Blt
  6. Felice Vitale
  7. Franco Mazzetti
  8. Giorgio Giangiulio
  9. Luca Lombardi
  10. Marco Taddei
  11. Maurizio Canale
  12. Mauro Del Signore
  13. Nasario Giubergia
  14. Niccolò Cesari
  15. Paolo Faccio
  16. Tommaso Rosati
  17. Vincenzo Di Luca

Brands that collaborate with influencers. Nothing new, right? Instead, there is something new! Companies have started looking for “smaller” influencers, so-called micro influencers. Much more effective and, let’s face it, even cheaper for brands.

Why? What is the secret?

In reality the answer is very simple. Who do you trust when you ask for advice? A friend, right? Well, this is precisely the strong point of micro influencers. The market has noticed the ability of micro influencers to create communities.

They talk about specific topics and interact daily with their followers. This creates a much greater sense of trust and involvement than the “bigger” influencers.

This translates into more purchases when the micro influencer advertises a product. Followers know that it is a safe purchase because, if it is recommended, it means that it is a really good product.

Let’s get to know the names and styles of our 17 micro influencers of Italian men’s fashion!

Alessandro Enriquez

Do you prefer a more casual look? Do like Alessandro Enriquez: jeans and a sweatshirt and you are never wrong. Don’t forget to wear a mask, of course!

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With #mask And with #love ❤️ @diesel ??? Ph. @albertoalicata

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Alessandro Manfredini

Blue and red, to never be banal. Alessandro Manfredini dares with colour and the result is 110 and praise.

Domenico Gianfrate

Less is more, right? Domenico Gianfrate goes without fail; ankle boot, black jeans and white shirt. The extra touch? The golden aviator-style glasses.

Fabio La Mantia

Sunglasses, suit, and briefcase. Fabio La Mantia knows how to face a day with the right style!

Federico Blt

Here is a beautiful picture of Federico Blt in which he wears a fabulous linen suit. Perfect for being elegant and fresh during the summer!

Felice Vitale

What a style, Felice Vitale! This year the 70s collar is back in fashion and he pairs it with playful yellow shoes and a cool blue jacket.

Franco Mazzetti

This amazing shirt worn by Franco Mazzetti with white and blue striped and white cuffs. In the background, our beautiful San Gimignano in Tuscany. What more could you want?

Giorgio Giangiulio

A distinctive style on an iconic bike: Giorgio Giangiulio proposes a simple t-shirt with black jeans and a military-colored jacket. Combat boots to complete the look!

Luca Lombardi

Khaki pants and blue trench coat. Is there a more appropriate combination? Luca Lombardi does not miss one.

Marco Taddei

Raise your hand if you love this colour palette. Grey jacket, light blue shirt and beige trousers. Marco Taddei never disappoints.

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Sunny Day ☀️?

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Maurizio Canale

How many of you would like to do like Maurizio Canale? In the morning it would be so easy to choose the right outfit!

Mauro Del Signore

Mauro Del Signore is a fashion photographer. On his profile, you can find many ideas for different styles. We really like this one; simple and stylish. Perfect for a day in town.

Nasario Giubergia

Summer is ending, but there are still some beautiful days. Why not show off an outfit like that of Nasario Giubergia? Military-colored shorts and a denim shirt and off to enjoy the wind on the Vespa.

Niccolò Cesari

What about this outfit? Niccolò Cesari knows his stuff and flaunts fantastic braces on his white and cream suit. Amazing!

Paolo Faccio

Paolo Faccio, the king of casual outfit. Short-sleeved shirt with print and black jeans; the classic look that it’s effective, but without commitment.

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•• @dior

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Tommaso Rosati

It’s true, summer is wonderful, but how beautiful are autumn outfits? This wide-brimmed Tommaso Rosati hat paired with the warm-colored suit is simply perfect.

Vincenzo Di Luca

Last but not least, Vincenzo Di Luca. The double-breasted jacket is timeless and he knows it well. The gold-colored buttons, then, give that extra touch!

We hope you enjoyed our choice of 17 Italian men’s fashion micro influencers. From suits to streetwear, no more excuses not to master men’s wear. If you know of other Italian menswear microinfluencers we should include, just let us know in the comments!